Virtually Seamless Open Enrollment

Benefits Human Resources

Just as the COVID-19 pandemic may be changing what benefits employees need, the traditional open enrollment process is also evolving to meet the “new normal”.  Here at Summit, we have helped many of our clients, both small and large, successfully conduct their open enrollment meetings virtually through Zoom.  This method has not only proven to be cost effective for the employer, but also offers employees a new open enrollment experience that allows them to submit questions confidentially and view the presentation on their schedule.  Our clients have reported higher participation and engagement of their employees.  The recorded presentations can also be used in the future for new hire onboarding.  Below are some tips for a successful virtual enrollment experience.

  • Create a script or outline prior to the meeting
  • Record the meeting to the cloud so that it can be shared as a link in the future
  • Mute all participants upon entry to avoid feedback or echoes
  • Set the chat feature to host only so people can submit their questions confidentially throughout the presentation