Quick Money Saving Tips when Using your Health Insurance


Preventive Care

  • Getting your preventive check-ups (physicals, Well Woman Exams, PSA tests, Mammograms, dental exams, and eye exams) are crucial in early detection of disease. These screenings are covered at 100% and an early diagnosis is much less expensive to treat than waiting until serious symptoms arise.
  • Over 100 diseases of the body can be detected through an oral exam, so remember to visit your dentist every six months!

Try to avoid having services performed at hospital facilities

  • You can save hundreds of dollars having procedures like MRIs, CT Scans, minor surgeries etc. by having them performed at an outpatient clinic. Hospitals are the most expensive places to have these services done, due to their high overhead costs.

Virtual Visits

  • Your medical plans offer virtual visits for only a $10 copay, so you can call from work or home, save money, AND save time!


  • Did you know the cost of prescriptions often varies by pharmacy? The GoodRx app will show you the cost of prescriptions at several different area pharmacies.  If the cost is less than your copay, you will pay the lesser amount!
  • Many grocery stores, like Walmart, have $4 prescription drug lists. Ask your local grocer’s pharmacy if they have any discount drug lists.  When filling these prescriptions, you do not have to run it through the insurance.
  • When a doctor gives you a sample medication for a new condition, these are typically the higher priced drugs. Instead of taking the free samples and then paying a higher copay for the drugs once you have them filled, ask your doctor if there is a generic or lower costing drug that you can try first.

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