How to Maximize Employee Engagement Within Your Benefits Package


Employers spend countless hours and resources building the best employee benefits offering for their population, yet many times, this goes unnoticed and employees do not know how to use their benefits effectively. It is important that your employees understand that their benefits package is a part of their total compensation, and all that is included with each plan.

Below, we have broken out a few key areas to focus on when presenting you benefits package to employees in each demographic.

Younger (Physical and financial education):

  • Educate on the cost-effective ways to use the medial plan offered
  • Promote the use of preventative measures to form good habits
  • Provide programs to encourage the forming of not only healthy physical habits, but also healthy financial habits
  • Emphasize the importance of starting retirement planning as early as possible
  • Promote wellness programs, many insurance carriers offer wellness programs that are often underutilized due to lack of awareness.

Middle Age (Avoiding catastrophic claims):

  • Encourage middle aged men on the plan to focus on heart health
  • Use plan sponsored diet and exercise plans
  • Encourage middle age women to take use preventative measures, such as mammograms and well women exams
  • Using preventative measures in this demographic can help prevent catastrophic claims that can cause not only lasting health issues, but also financial stress

Older (Retirement):

  • Encourage a heavy focus on retirement planning
  • Offer educational information to help them make the best decision around the retirement age
  • Promote staying on top of medical screenings
  • Encourage these employees to find a physical activity that they enjoy and that keeps them active

Braden Hauge

Account Manager

Braden Hauge is not affiliated with Cetera Advisor Networks LLC.