It is tormenting for a retiree to worry about his or her financial viability. That’s not how our “golden years” are meant to be. For every individual, Summit Financial Group is unbiased, direct and candid about their retirement outlook. Whether you are a Boomer, Gen-X or Gen-Y, it is never too late or too early to map out or restructure a sound retirement plan. We urge everyone to consult a trusted advisor for help in developing a plan – or to review their existing plan – and to monitor it regularly.

Case Studies/White Papers

  • Unemployed MaleCase Study

    A 42 year-old male, formerly in business-to-business sales with a global food and beverage manufacturer for 12 years, is now unemployed and needing guidance on what to do with his 401(k) Retirement Plan and other individual investments as he searches for employment.
  • Pre-Retiree, FemaleCase Study

    A 59 year-old single female with an improperly allocated and managed Individual Retirement Account at the hands of her previous investment advisor.