Striking the right balance for a plan that covers employees adequately while still keeping costs under control is paramount when choosing group insurance. The right insurance package can provide peace of mind for both you and your employees. To craft a tailored plan, Summit gathers a global and historical perspective of your company and industry, and develops a creative advocacy blueprint specific to your needs.

Case Studies/White Papers

  • National ManufacturerCase Study

    An established, publicly-traded manufacturing company of more than 500 employees, with facilities in California and Oklahoma, serving markets across the country.
  • Technology ProviderCase Study

    An established and growth-minded Internet service provider and telecommunications company based in Utah with approximately 100 employees over multiple states.
  • Tobacco-Using EmployeesCase Study

    A large, well-established manufacturer in America’s heartland with a relatively older employee base consisting of numerous tobacco users.
  • National WholesalerCase Study

    A fast-growing wholesale distributing company of 90 employees with offices stretching across six locations New York to Texas.