There’s no singular solution for employee benefits. Each case is different, and what’s right for one company may not be right for another. Every Summit relationship manager and specialist has the training and experience to identify and develop the optimum group benefits solutions for your company.

Section Overview

Group HealthOverview

"The right group health plan provides more than health coverage; there’s comfort and security within that promise, too." – Todd Rolland, President

Group RetirementOverview

"Retirement is no longer a specific age, it is a destination.  And attracting the best talent is no longer just a matter of salary, it is a comprehensive benefits package, conceived with thorough consultation, planning and foresight."  Kaci Dinsmore, Executive Vice President

Executive Benefits Overview

A company’s strength is tied to the knowledge, skills and talents of its employees. Key to the attraction and retention of personnel is a competitive benefits package.

Total Human Resources Overview

Change is constant, be it in the realm of insurance, benefits or retirement plans. Our personnel, expertise and subsidiary companies are at your disposal for whenever change arises.

Voluntary BenefitsOverview

In an environment of economic and financial uncertainties, many groups choose to supplement their core healthcare insurance plans with coverages known as Voluntary Benefits. Our team of seasoned employees and our vast resources are ready and willing to find the best plan for our clients.

Case Studies/White Papers

  • National ManufacturerCase Study

    An established, publicly-traded manufacturing company of more than 500 employees, with facilities in California and Oklahoma, serving markets across the country.
  • PEO MembershipCase Study

    A Connecticut-based company of 360 employees with call centers and sales offices across 27 states needed to break away from the cost-burdensome shackles of its Professional Employment Organization (PEO) origins.
  • Large ManufacturerCase Study

    An established, publicly-traded manufacturer of more than 6,000 employees. Growing domestically and internationally, both organically and through M&A.
  • Technology ProviderCase Study

    An established and growth-minded Internet service provider and telecommunications company based in Utah with approximately 100 employees over multiple states.
  • Tobacco-Using EmployeesCase Study

    A large, well-established manufacturer in America’s heartland with a relatively older employee base consisting of numerous tobacco users.
  • One HR AdministratorCase Study

    A municipality of 130 employees experiencing rapid growth and facing today’s enormously complex employee benefits and HR administrative challenges.
  • National WholesalerCase Study

    A fast-growing wholesale distributing company of 90 employees with offices stretching across six locations New York to Texas.
  • Young ParentsCase Study

    A young married couple – that happens to be expecting – is out of state attending a baby shower in their honor. The pregnant wife goes into premature labor while on the trip.
  • Small, Private EmployerCase Study

    Small, privately-held healthcare services company based in Texas with top-heavy compensation structure.
  • National Transportation CompanyCase Study

    A privately-held, well-established, and growing Louisiana-based trucking company of more than 400 employees, consisting of 300 truck drivers, serving the transportation and distribution needs of business customers nationwide.