Summit Financial Group operates as a subsidiary and the nucleus of Summit Consolidated Group's nationwide network of sister companies and affiliates. Collaborating as a cohesive, integrated team, Summit Financial offers you and your organization timely insights to financial services, insurance, human resources solutions, and C-suite counsel / consultation. Each case is treated in a consultative, knowledgeable, and seamless manner. We offer the blended expertise of group and executive benefits, third party administration, property and casualty risk management, individual wealth management, individual asset protection, as well as merger and acquisition guidance. We are a growing conglomerate, and we are honored to serve America from coast to coast.

Affiliates listed below are those of Summit Consolidated Group and are not affiliated with Cetera Advisor Networks LLC. unless noted otherwise.


  • Summit Financial Group

    Summit Financial Group originated with a focus on serving as a privately held, national employee benefits and wealth management planning firm, operating as an independent broker.

  • Fort Summit

    Fort Summit is a venue to cultivate timely financial services, insurance and human resources innovations. It was conceived and developed for the Summit Consolidated Group companies and their associates to gather, educate, train, and share ideas.

  • Sumco Benefit Services

    SumCo Benefit Services was developed with the goal of enhancing our clients' ability to manage their employees. Our employee service center elevates our clients in the areas of human resources and benefit services.

  • Summit First Insurance

    Summit First Insurance is a national insurance agency specializing in risk management. SFI provides commercial property and casualty insurance products and services.

  • SumCal

    SumCal is Summit Financial Group's west coast division, operating out of Los Angeles.

  • Mustang Property Group, LLC

    Mustang Property Group, LLC is the operating and construction arm of Fort Summit.


  • Integrity Benefit Network

    Integrity Benefit Network is an independent, third party administrator providing benefit administrative services, specializing in health plan admin, direct contracting with medical providers, claims management, re-insurance and HR outsourcing.

  • Worksite Benefit Services, LLC

    Worksite Benefit Services is a third party administrator, providing a full range of services for self-funded Employee Benefit plans.

  • PRB Administrators

    PRB Administrators provides actuarial leadership, retirement and pension plan support for companies all across the nation. Our experienced and dedicated professionals are keenly committed to ensuring employers meet their fiduciary obligations.

  • Bridge One, LLC

    Bridge One is a merger, acquisition and aggregator of strategic companies and organizations. Our insights and expertise to this market position us to capitalize upon expansion.

  • Summit National Partners

    Summit National Partners offers investments and wealth management services nationwide, through Cetera Advisor Networks LLC.

  • Proliance Resource Group

    Proliance Resource Group is a national marketing and consulting firm specializing in the area of human resources, corporate benefits and insurance.

  • Resource One Administrators

    Resource One Administrators offers employers and participants third-party administration of health benefits programs and services ranging from developing, implementing and managing the plans.

  • Cobra One

    Cobra One is a third party administrator for COBRA administration.

  • MedCare One

    MedCare One is a third party administrator for utilization and disease management administration.